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FYI SOUTH Magazine, Fall 2007.

Urn 115

Urn 115

Urn 115

Urn 115

Urn 115

Written and photos by Shawn Ling
Translated by Ann Lee

115, ReiAi 2nd St, XinXing District
(07) 216-1367
Hour: 8:30 pm-4 am
Credit cards not accepted.
10% service charge. Smoking section.

Within a small residential area near ReiAi 2nd Street, evening wanderers might see the pale purple sign and two tranquil park benches that mark the entrance for the lounge known as 115 Urn.
Bars and lounges come and go in Kaohsiung city, but 115 Urn has been around for an impressive three years and doesn't even spend too much time or money on promotion. With only about 20 pings of space, 115 Urn is gracefully stocked with dark red sofas and pale yellow lighting, giving the place a relaxing, comfortable feel.

eating on the first floor is open; the second floor boasts three separate rooms with their own sound systems, allowing groups of guests to play their own music.

As is widely known, most Taiwanese customers prefer whiskey drinks, so the owner has about 10 single-malt whiskeys for patrons to choose from. From Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniels to Macallan, you name it, they've got it. For those who don't drink anything too powerful, the bartender recommends drinks made with French X-Rated Fusion Vodka, which comes in peach and rose flavors. Have an X-Rated vodka rocks for a visually nice and tasty drink. If you like complicated cocktails, then try the colorful but strong Burning Island, made with vodka, gin, tequila, white tangerine and Bacardi 151—it's 150 proof. This sweet, fruity and minty drink is lit on fire and then consumed immediately.

Apart from a nice collection of assorted cocktails, the staff and the bartenders are really helpful and friendly. It's no wonder their patrons keep coming back all the time. 115 Urn will be celebrating their Third Year Anniversary in November this year; last year, they gave away great prizes like NT$8,000 worth of coupons and bottles of Johnnie Walker, so this year will probably be even better!

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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