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Bottoms Up Saloon

Bottoms Up Saloon

Bottoms Up Saloon

Bottoms Up Saloon

Text by Andy Macdonald Translated by Uvia Chang
Photos by Jimmy Kang

(07) 269-3075
236, ChengGong 1st Rd, 1F
Hours: Wed-Mon 5:30 pm-2 am
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Smoking allowed.
Chinese & English menu.

True to the saucy icon of a pin-up with a martini glass, you are guaranteed to have a unique and delicious Martini at Bottoms Up Saloon. Owners David Lassor and wife Phoebe Lieu have devised a method of infusing vodka with a multitude of flavors, such as mango, lemon, kiwi or even red peppercorn to give their martinis an extra kick. David picked up the technique back home in the U.S.

"Martinis are our signature drink" says David. "We have everything from a classic martini to exotic martinis such as ginger." They mix the vodka with fresh ingredients and seal it in airtight jars where it is left to infuse. The martinis are NT$180 or buy one, get one half-price during happy hour (9 pm to midnight).

Bottoms Up Saloon, a tribute to 1950's Americana icons, is a cross between a classic bar and an eatery. The walls are adorned with movie stills from the silver screen and famous moments caught in time. "This is a place where friends can meet or one can meet new friends" says David.

The bar offers an extensive variety of beers (local and imported NT$120-200), spirits (various tequilas, gins and whiskeys), and cocktails (NT$160). If you're feeling adventurous, give Peggy's Special Cocktail (NT$220) a try. Head bartender, Peggy, will incorporate your favorites into a cocktail that's custom made, just for you.

If you've come for a meal, try the Kari Kari (NT$180). These dumplings are stuffed with cream cheese, crab and green onion. If you prefer a heartier option go for the Italian sausage and pepper sandwich (NT$200). The sausage is handmade with fresh top quality ingredients. Or try the unique herbed T-bone Pork Chop (NT$300). Owners David and Phoebe have the pork specially ordered in a T-bone cut, making Bottoms Up Saloon the only place to find it in the city. And, of course, what American-style eatery would be complete without a grilled New York strip steak? This 12oz steak (NT$680) is seasoned and cooked to your liking.

Bottoms Up Saloon is located on the corner of ChengGong 1st Rd. and CingNian 2nd Rd., close to Hanshin department store.

Bottoms Up Saloon Bottoms Up Saloon

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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