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FYI SOUTH Magazine, January 2006.

Happy Street Game Shop

(07) 725-2897
41, LinDe Road, LingYa District, Kaohsiung
Hours: Everyday 10 am-10 pm
Most credit cards accepted.

--By Pieter Vorster Translated by Annie Liu

Wondering where to go for your PS2 and XBox needs? Try Happy Street Game Shop in LinDe Street (near the Cultural Centre). Mr. Lee and his staff are up to date with all the latest games and equipment, and anything they don't have in stock they would be more than happy to order - at competitive prices. If you're new to the gaming world, a new PS2 console will set you back a mere NT$5,700 (including a controller). You can then add cordless controllers (NT$1200 each), Internet connector (Ethernet at NT$1480), Headset (NT$1250), multitaps (extra controller ports at NT$990) and even battery packs and car adaptors. Games start from NT$1400 and include all the most popular releases like NBA Live 2006, SoulCalibur 3, Resident Evil 4 and Super Robot Wars AFA3. They also stock PSP handheld sets for NT$7250. A PS2 can also be used as a DVD and music player and a remote control (optional) goes for NT$750. Happy Street Game Shop also has everything you need for your new XBox 360 (which goes for NT$14,000).

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