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FYI SOUTH Magazine, December 2006.

Shiny gold or silver party dressv

Fitted evening dress

Christmas Party Dress Guide

-- By Anly Translated by Sho Huang

The days of Christmas are getting closer as snowflake decorations spread from one shop window to the next. For some of you ladies, the question on your mind might be, "Which dress should I wear to be the center of the attention when the Christmas bells start ringing?"

Though most people associate formal dresses with a princess's soft chiffon dress, there are actually other options, like simple-yet-graceful suits or dazzling velvet gowns. However, I think the most important thing is to find the style which suits you best.
Below are three different styles for your consideration.

1. Cool Style--shiny gold party dress
Gold, silver, diamonds and sequins are critical decoration elements when it comes to formal dinner parties. However, this season, instead of serving a supportive role, they have taken the center of attention. Dresses made with all-gold or silver-velvet material are hits. It's suggested that skirt lengths should stay above knees to give a modest yet glamorous impression.

2.Graceful Style--fitted ensemble
As a growing number of fashion designers favor simpler styles, dress designs have also switched from exaggerated forms to clear-cut yet elegant lines. This year's autumn/winter theme is black, and black velvet material and lace are being heavily utilized to deliver an elegant yet sexy look. If it's cold enough, fur can be added for an extra-luxurious feeling.

3.Complicated Style--folk embroidered evening dress
Folk styles are still in this season. Complicated embroidered pieces, beads, tassels and embedded gems all add glamour to simple-looking dresses. You can also choose folk-style jewelry to match dresses in layers.

pearl hair band , dazzling high heels

fur shawl, embroidered party purse


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