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Taichung’s “Top 10 Gifts Festival” contest, now in its 11th year, always sees winning shops attracting large numbers of visitors and becoming popular destinations for gift and souvenir purchases.
This year’s contest, hosted by the Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee of Taichung City (IDIPC), is a bit different from the past years, with the main theme being “Giving gifts during New Year” and contestants including both food and non-food products.


  1. Top 10 Gifts winners
  2. Most Popular Shop, selected via online voting (2 winners)
  3. Most Popular Shop, selected via on-site voting (2 winners)


  1. Nov. 6: Press conference for participating businesses.
  2. A total of 178 shops signed up this year (2019).
  3. Dec. 6: 11 judges awarded grades based on participating shops’ local Taichung flavor, product taste, content availability, wrapping and packaging. One hundred selected shops entered a third stage and displayed their products at Civic Square.
  4. Dec. 7-13: Online voting for the Most Popular Shop took place.
  5. Dec. 14-15: A two-day Most Popular Shop contest via on-site voting at Civic Square took place, with voters getting to place one vote for their favorite shop. The top 10 businesses chosen became Taichung’s top 10 best gift shops.

Taichung is hosting the national Taiwan Lantern Festival with the goal of boosting the city’s prosperity and internationalization through this event. Taichung’s highlighted souvenirs are not limited to already well-known pastries, but now include shops selling other food products, daily necessities, and refined daily-use crafts. Numerous voters participated to select their favorite souvenirs during this Top 10 Taichung Gifts Festival event and it is hoped that everyone can work together to promote Taichung’s tourism industry and make this city the ideal destination for visitors.

About the IDIPC:
The Committee’s goals are establishing an ideal investment environment, industrial and business development, and boosting the economy in Taichung City. It also offers consulting services to small and medium enterprises.

IDIPC services:
‧Promoting the city government’s financial policies.
‧Improving Taiwan’s investment environment.
‧Providing and promoting Taiwan’s investment information.
‧Consulting services to small and medium enterprises.
‧Providing solutions to industrial issues.
‧Other investment services.

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