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12th annual Top 10 Taichung Gifts unveiled!

Words and photos provided by Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee of Taichung City (IDIPC)

OKLAO Specialty Coffee

Most Popular Shop (selected
via festival on-site voting)

Drip Coffee Bag Gift Box: 2019 World Coffee Roasting
Championship Champion X Taichung Xinshe Coffee

Established in 2009, OKLAO focuses on global estate grown coffee beans. This coffee shop chain also won the World Coffee Roasting Championship, both this year and in 2019. In addition, the business has cooperated with Russian and Romanian coffee roasting teams and its roaster is a world champion who showcases the flavors of Taichung Xinshe coffee with passion.

(04) 2235-0488, ext. 24
306-1, TaiYuan Rd, Sec 2, North Dist

Passion Fruit Mung Bean Ice Cake

Most Popular Shop (selected
via festival on-site voting)

This pastry store uses locally-grown Nantou County Puli Township passion fruit as the main ingredient in its award-winning desserts. The complex preparation process includes extraction of the fruit’s juice and seeds, double-boiling the juice to create a passion fruit concentrate, and adding select Lotus Mung Beans for a unique, delicate texture that melts in the mouth. This cooling dessert is a perfect, healthy summer snack and the company also promotes local Taiwanese farm products globally.

(04) 2328-2789
277, DaYe Rd, Nantun Dist

Chen Yun Pao Chuan

Most Popular Shop (selected via online voting),
Golden Prize Winner

Lemon Cake

This enhanced lemon cake is a reinvention of the original lemon cake with added Japanese pomelo, shredded oranges and fresh Pingtung lemon juice. Exuding a refreshing lemon fragrance and topped with a romantic-looking white chocolate, this fluffy pastry takes texture and flavor to a higher level and turns into an enjoyable and memorable afternoon tea snack.

(04) 2222-2257, ext. 284
36, TzuYu Rd, Sec 2, Central Dist

Pig Lady Bakery

Most Popular Shop (selected
via festival on-site voting)

Taichung Nostalgic Cake Rolls

In an earlier, more deprived era when food wasn’t in great abundance, visitors stopping at someone’s home would usually bring a bucket of egg rolls or bag of sweet nougat candy which would quickly disappear, thanks to the many children in a traditional family. Nowadays, these sweets are still unforgettable memories for older generations, even with so many other options out there. This shop cleverly combines these two nostalgic flavors with tasty nuts for a creative treat and patented the name “Taichung Nostalgic Egg Roll”. Its appearance also grabs the attention of younger consumers and has become a memorable flavor for many, as this product is promoted from Taichung to the world.

12-5, YuYuan S Rd, Longjing Dist


Bin Lang Shin Creme Brulee Cake

This shop’s baker was intrigued by the idea of mixing local Bin Lan Shin Taro, handmade jelly with unique flavors from childhood, rich cheesecake, and creme brulee for an eye-catching, exquisite dessert. Every layer is filled with different specialty ingredients, with the locally-grown Dajia taro and creme brulee’s rich aftertaste creating delicious fragrances in one’s mouth. With its layers of flavors, this dessert is a pleasure for both the eyes and palate.

(04) 2305-8896
216, MeiCun Rd, Sec 1, West Dist

AR’s Patisserie

Most Popular Shop (selected
via online voting)

100% Lemon Tarts

These lemon tarts are prepared 100% with Pingtung lemons and aromatic passion fruit. The fresh pastries are made with traceable ingredients, ensuring happy enjoyment and sharing with friends by customers.

(04) 2320-1996
979, DaDun Rd, Xitun Dist

Shulin Biscuit Co., Ltd.

Creative Cookies

This shop etches its unique brand mark on its cookies with a laser technique, which can be used creatively for customized cookie etching services in order to provide your family, friends and clients with a truly special, customized gift.

(04) 2569-2356, ext. 33
316, ZhongQing Rd, Sec 4, Daya Dist

Great Taro Wonderland

Taro Coconut Milk

A cup of this Taro Coconut Milk showcases Taichung’s great flavors with Dajia taro and tropical coconut juice. The tasty fresh taro and green coconut offers hometown memories for many customers and epicures, triggering satisfied smiles as they enjoy it.

(04) 2687-9961
1412, ZhongShan Rd, Sec 1, Dajia Dist

Ching Wood

Blessing Night Light

What scents come to mind when you think of light? Created from recycled materials, this warm night light is made with fallen Taichung City camphor tree twigs and branches and preserves original tree bark patterns. The camphor in this night light provides a light fragrance and warm light, creating the atmosphere of a forest on a sunny day. This light also contains epoxy and fluorescent features that project starry scenes onto the ceiling, helping to provide an even more peaceful sleeping environment.

5-13, ZhongShan Rd, Sec 1, 1F, Tanzi Dist


New Hope Seed Brand Gift Box

This gift box set’s design combines blossoms, leaves and heart shapes into a touching gift for someone special. The gift box is made from recycled paper pulp with added Hokkaido lavender seeds infusing it with a flower fragrance. At the bottom of the box are flower seeds which, when watered, will grow and blossom. This award-winning (including iF, Red Dot, A’Design, Muse Design, Pentawards) gift box is also a flower pot that can be fully recycled, making it a wonderful “green” gift. In addition to giving this beautiful item to your friends, you can grow a plant and benefit the Earth. As the plant grows in the future, the receiver will think of you, deepening your connection.

117, DaDun 7th St, Nantun Dist

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