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Tai Ke Grilled Meat Porridge

This porridge eatery near LiMing Road has been in business for over three decades and got its original start in Zhongxiao Night Market. While they eat, diners can revel in the surrounding nostalgic atmosphere and decor, from a three-section traditional compound to antique wooden dining tables and benches, red-brick walls and carved window frames.
The “good old flavors” featured on the menu can be enjoyed via dishes like Deep-Fried Tofu, Chicken Rolls, Grilled Meat, Sausages, and Rice Sausages, prepared by owner Lin, an epicure who pays close attention to using the right ingredients to ensure original tastes from his past.
Recently-promoted porridge (congee) dishes include Striped Bass (NT$140), Marbled Beef (NT$120), and the hearty, fresh Seafood Porridge (NT$150). Porridges are prepared with fapple, pork bones, onions, chicken bones, Kanto rice, and fresh ingredients bought from the market on the same day it’s served. The aromatic Sesame Chicken (NT$220) has a tender texture while marinated Spicy Chicken Claws offer rich collagen and a sauce that goes great with rice and noodles. Deep-fried Grilled Meat is marinated with over 20 spices and includes enjoyable, well-marbled pork belly.
Other dishes offering classic Taiwanese flavors include Crisp Chicken Leg (NT$120), Grilled Meat Porridge (NT$35) and Pork Fat with Rice (NT$25).

台客燒肉粥 Tai Ke Grilled Meat Porridge
南屯區五權西路二段722-1號 (04) 2389-0880
722-1, WuQuan W Rd, Sec 2, Nantun Dist
平日/weekdays 5 pm-1 am
假日/holidays 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-1 am

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