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Keep Shining

As you walk into this shop, you’ll encounter a strong oriental zen-like ambiance. The wooden interior includes a variety of shelf-displayed organic, certified Jinxuan, Oolong and High Mountain teas, plus various artists’ masterpieces, such as tea pots, cups, bowls and Taku ironware. The owner promotes his teas by offering tastings to tea-loving customers, conveying the idea that quality living begins with a good cup of cha. This business also offers tea-making, Taoist incense, flower arranging, quilting and pottery classes. Lesson hours and fees vary and more details are available via the shop’s Line messages. The shop is scheduled to reopen in April, as Dadun 11 Center is currently under construction, although lessons remain unaffected.

南屯區大墩路533號 (大墩衣食生活廣場1F) (04) 2320-2290
533, DaDun Rd, 1F, Nantun Dist (Dadun 11 Fashion Entertainment
Restaurant Center)
11 am-10 pm

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