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2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival brings happiness to Taichung

台中觀光旅遊網 Travel and Tourism Bureau of Taichung City Government 

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, the 2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival will take place for nine days from Feb. 4 to 12.  This year’s festival is moving to Taichung Central Park in the Shuinan area and its main lantern display will be Taiwan’s largest–a 10-meter-tall Happy Rabbit lantern installation on the water illuminating a 3,000-square-meter space with light beam and mist effects. There will be a total of 130 light installations, six main light themes, 11 different kinds of rabbit decorations, and over 30 larger lanterns at this elaborate venue, ensuring a festive, happy setting for visitors to enjoy.

  • Main Lantern

Feb. 4 (Sat.) to Feb. 12 (Sun.), 6-9 p.m. – There will be an hourly lantern light show, including a three-minute moving display and 15-minute light-beam show, for a total of 18 minutes.

The opening ceremony is on Feb. 4 (Sat.) and the first light show is at 6:58 p.m.

Main theme: The Happiness of Taichung 

This Lantern Festival has been planned around the concepts of “wisdom, low-carbon and innovation”. The light area designs incorporate environmentally-friendly features that mix natural ecological and landscape features to transform Central Park into a large-scale installation art venue during the day, and an extraordinary amusement park with dazzling lanterns at night. Festival planning has incorporated elements such as traditional lantern crafts and modern light projection and sculpture displays, expressing and representing the charm of a diverse city.

Eye-catching main theme lantern and abundant events

Besides the main theme lantern, light displays in other themed areas are also impressive. The six other themed areas are: Rabbit’s Cute Nest, Cute Rabbit Kaleidoscope, Light River, Adorable Bugs, Seeking Good Friends, and Dreamy Tree. Moreover, there is a secret, hidden Magic Box World lantern area featuring a LED light and water mist display with light beams taking visitors into a fantasy world of legends that is perfect for photo-taking.

An abundance of fabulous events will also feature an excellent line-up of performances. On the night of Feb. 4, Ju Performing School 2 (from the Ju Percussion Group) will give a splendid opening performance, followed later in the evening by popular singers WeiBird, Fang Wu, and GBOYSWAG. Other festival performances include the Leopard Cat Family, MOMO Kids Party, Balloon Talent Show, and Fantasy Magic Show, and other fun activities like Park2 and Lole Market will take place at Shuinan. For more details and information, all are welcome to visit the Taichung City Travel and Tourism Bureau official website:;, or search Facebook for: 大玩台中.

Cute little Happy Rabbit lanterns 

These little lanterns resemble a lazy sitting rabbit with adorable, innocent eyes, plus the striking additional feature of long ears that move when a string behind its head is pulled. To give children a unique lantern experience, the tiny lanterns come with a shoulder strap that allows kids to wear their lanterns on their chests. These items are being handed out daily at 4:30 p.m. throughout the festival, with lines opening at 4 p.m.. Quantities are limited and there is a limit of one lantern per person while supplies last.

Transportation details

For Lantern Festival visitor convenience during weekends, there will be shuttle buses from the Taichung MRT City Hall Station and Taichung MRT/Taiwan Railway Song Zhu Station going directly to the festival venue. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to use public transportation.

Public transportation information

•High Speed Rail (HSR):

HSR Wuri Station→Wen Hua High School Station→(Bus No. 525)at HeNan Rd and ChangAn Rd intersection→Central Taiwan Cinema Center

•Taiwan Railway (TRA):

Taichung Railway Station→(Bus No. 25)at Taichung Railway Station Platform D→KaiHsuan Rd and DunHua Rd intersection

(Holidays only) Taiwan Railway Song Zhu Station→Song Zhu Line shuttle bus

•Taichung MRT Green Line:

Wenhua Senior High School Station→(Bus No. 525)at HeNan  Rd and ChangAn Rd intersection→Central Taiwan Cinema Center

(Holidays only) Taichung MRT City Hall Station Exit 1→City Hall Line shuttle bus

(Holidays only) Taiwan Railway Song Zhu Station Exit 2→ Song Zhu Line shuttle bus

•Taichung City Ubike:

There are Ubike stations at the DunHua Rd and KaiHsuan Rd intersection; Central Park; JinMao 5th Rd and CiaoDa 8th St intersection; Self Exploration Zone at CiaoDa 8th St; and Senses Zone (JinMao 5th Rd)

•City Bus:

-TaiAn Elementary School (HuanZhong Rd): No. 156

-Henan Parking Lot: No. 28, 32, 54, 68, 199, 228, 68 ext, 68 loop

-LiMing Rd and KaiHsuan Rd intersection:No. 8, 157,  529, 157 ext, 355 ext, 88

-Central Taiwan Cinema Center:No. 525

-DunHua Rd and KaiHsuan Rd intersection:No. 25

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