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3 Giants Brewing Co.

This small craft brewery is run by South African twin brothers Casper and Adriaan and Kevin from Ireland. Originally high school teachers, this trio traveled a few years ago to America and Canada, where they enjoyed beer-tasting at a variety of craft breweries. The mix of unique styles and flavors they savored–far beyond the big-brand beers–and the fact that there weren’t many microbreweries in Taiwan led them to create their own Taichung-based craft brewery.
According to Casper, 3 Giants’ six varieties–Pale Ale, Red X IPA, Chops IPA, Lager/Dark Lager and Hefeweizen (NT$150-170/glass)–are made with malt from Europe and hops, beer yeast and water from South Africa and America. All of these innovative draft beers are fresh and smooth-flavored. Personally I enjoy the Lager’s smooth and malty flavor, although the Dark Lager’s smoked caramelized chocolate aroma and stronger flavors is significant. Ranked at 60 IBU (International Bitterness Units), Chops IPA is quite bitter with mildly-sweet highlights.
The shop’s tables, chairs and bar are simply arranged and sizable brewing tanks filled with the freshest draft beer are visible behind a glass window. Bottles and steel kegs (2000 milliliters) are available for take-out and purchasing a take-out jug of beer will get you a discount.
Evenings in Fengyuan are very quiet and peaceful, making it a good time to stop in here to enjoy the locally-brewed beer and some food, including a Sausage Platter (NT$380), Potato Wedges, pizzas and deep-fried items, with some good conversation and company.

豐原區豐東路569號 0917-369-223
569, FengDong Rd, Fengyuan Dist
週日至週四/Sun-Thu 7 pm-12 am; 週五、六/Fri-Sat 7 pm-1 am

Don’t drink and drive

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