He Cheng Village Chief Tian asks the public to make a sterilization solution with simple steps.
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‘5055 Sterilization Method’ gets great feedback: Taichung village chief demo videos remind public to frequently cleanse environment

Sponsored by the Taichung City Environmental Protection Bureau

With the continued spread of Covid-19, Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau recently promoted its “5055 Sterilization Method”, which has earned a positive public response. In cooperation with this effort, village chiefs from Xitun District’s He Chang Village, West District’s An Long Village and Wufeng District’s Wan Feng Village immediately filmed demonstration videos, teaching residents how to prepare a sterilization solution, showing them how to thoroughly clean interiors and wipe off office objects with the solution, and reminding everyone that sterilizing the environment helps reduce the risk of virus spread. 

Xitun District He Cheng Village Chief Tian Gui-yu said that it’s important to protect the health of all villagers through virus preventative measures when they visit the office. Thus, she uses the “5055 Sterilization Method” daily to clean the office. West District An Long Village Chief Lai Liang-song noted that as soon as the “5055 Sterilization Method” advocacy film was released, he immediately cleaned his hotpot shop. In order to protect customers’ safety and cooperate with the government’s no-dining-in policy, all customers picking up food orders need to leave their contact information through registration and text messages via the 1922 hotline. Lai encourages everyone to maintain a safe social distance, spray alcohol on both hands before entering his shop, and wear masks at all times. He also sterilizes his shop 2-3 times daily to maintain a healthy environment.

Wufeng District Wan Feng Village Chief Lin Li-cheng exhorted the public to work together for pandemic protection by sterilizing frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, shoe cabinets, tables and chairs. Everyone should use the “5055 Sterilization Method” to wipe these surfaces in order to achieve a safe environment. 

The Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau director thanked all of the enthusiastic village chiefs for helping to promote such measures and filming the demonstration videos. He expressed hope that residents can learn to make and use sterilization solutions via these simple steps: Create a 1:50 bleach-water solution using common household bleach. Soak cleaning cloths in it for five minutes. Wipe the surface of frequently touched objects once every five hours to reduce the risk of virus spread indoors and prevent contact-related infection. Finally, leftover bleach solution should be exposed to the sun for a period of time, allowing it to break down naturally before being poured down the drain, in order to avoid a direct discharge into waterways that might cause ecological damage. 

Taichung’s Environmental Protection Bureau noted that the Covid-19 virus is mainly transmitted through contact between people. Since masks are usually not worn at home, indoor spaces offer higher risks for transmission than outdoor environments, making indoor environment sterilization an absolute key to successful pandemic prevention. It is hoped that citizens will “wash hands, sterilize, wear masks at all times, and avoid going to any gatherings”. These four key points of pandemic prevention will help get us through these challenging times together!

He Cheng Village Chief Tian asks the public to make a sterilization solution with simple steps.

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