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89K Music Bar

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Feb. 2002

With a day I would rather forget and put behind me, I was in the mood for a drink. Although it was a Wednesday and I had to rise early the next morning, I was not to be stopped in my quest. I justified it as just a few pints and told myself I would be home in bed before I knew it.

As I was swerving through traffic on 90 ccs of raw power, I saw a sight that was candy to the eyes. A stunning young lady was standing outside the 89K Music Bar with a glow around her like one of those Disney fairy tales. I did an about- turn and darted towards the bar at a pace that only a physics major could fathom or care about. She slinked over and asked if I would like a Coors Lite. For reasons that will baffle me to my last dying breath, I refused and chose an alternate brand. A look mixed with shock and disappointment came over her face and I was referred to a male bartender. It was then that I understood her job and my blunder.

The bartender gave me the beer and I tried to hand him the money but he refused the amount. Due to my previous miscue, I was in deep thought and not really in control of all my senses. When I regained consciousness, I realized he was trying to tell me that beer was only NT$100. This lifted my spirits and I soon became comfortable with my surroundings.

I sat down at a table outside with some friends as they were exercising their right to futile conversation by talking world politics. I tried to change the conversation to sports but it just ended up being lost in the verbal tug of war. The night turned from a few drinks to more and I lost track of both time and responsibility. On the Paddyboy Bar Rating Scale, the 89K music bar gets four beer out of a possible six. It’s a small bar with good music and a very agreeable price. 89K is located at 7, Hua Mei Street, section 1, next to the Shark Den pub. Have a good one.

7, Hua Mei West St., sec. 1

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