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From our archives, Compass Magazine, Jul. 2001

Tammy Huang and Annie Huang

Many people live very busy, hectic lives. The stress level can seem almost unbearable. So, what is one of the best ways to get rid of stress? Exercise. Taichung’s health clubs offer a variety of ways to do just that, from exercise equipment to aerobics classes. Many of them also have spas, providing the perfect reward for a workout well done.

Pei-li-ya Center
339 Sanming Rd. Sec. 3
(04) 2233-1618
Hours: 10am-11pm, Saturdays 3pm-11pm, Sundays 1pm-6pm

There is a new health club option in Taichung—the Peiliya Center. This center opened on June 9th with brand-new facilities including an aerobics classroom fitted with wooden floors and decorated with flowers. This health club offers a unique weight loss regimen. Western medical methods are employed to do a complete physical exam, then gentle, specialized Eastern medical methods are used to remedy the problem. All the while, health professionals monitor your nutritional intake and exercise level. All this helps you reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Global Village
2 Chung Shan Rd., 10th floor
(04) 2220-0808
Hours: 9:30am-9:30pm

When one first hears ‘Global Village,’ one might think of the language school by that name. That is partially correct—for Global Village now has a fitness center. Global Village wants to promote the best possible learning environment for its students. But, their hope is that students will not only study, but will also exercise to maintain physical health. With this ideal, they started this aerobics classroom. In this classroom, there is a large picture window that allows members to enjoy the view of the bustling Taichung Train Station as they exercise. There are also spotless shower and locker rooms. The cost is NT$6,600 for six months, and NT$8,600 for a year. Members of the Global Village Language School receive a 50% discount.

87 Sz Chuan Rd., B1
(04) 2314-9008
Hours: 6am-11pm daily

For the past twenty years, Alexander’s mission has been to promote the benefits of an active life. In its very large facility, there is a variety of fitness equipment, a water massage pool, a swimming pool, a spa, a juice bar, and a restaurant.

As for classes, Latin aerobics and chi-gong cho are the newest and most popular. Latin aerobics uses the basics of Latin dance with some modifications. Chi-gong cho is a new form of exercise, which combines the Chinese medical concept of chi with yoga techniques and shun-hsiang cho movements, allowing the body to stretch in different ways.

There are two choices for membership—one for 10,000NT and another for 40,000NT (both are three-year memberships). For further information, contact Alexander.

There is another branch of Alexander located at the B1 level of 311, Tien Jin Road, Sec. 4; Tel: 04-2232-7988.

DNA Sports Health Center
355-1, Ta Jin St., Nantun District
(at the corner of Ta Tun 11th St.)
(04) 2319-9926

This can be considered an ‘American-style’ health center due to the ample use of American brand-name Paramount equipment. It is also worth mentioning that all of the personal trainers are licensed. Members are tested to understand their fitness level before starting to exercise. Based on the test results, the personal trainer will develop a custom fitness program. So, what does such a professional health center cost? Of course, this level of service makes DNA a little more expensive than other health clubs, especially for short term memberships. Long term memberships are a better value. Contact DNA Sports Health Center directly for more information.

Sunny Gym
631, Chung De Rd., Sec. 1, 3F-1
(above Carrefour)
(04) 2231-4777

This was originally the site of J Matrix Gym. Although this gym has been completely redone, some of the original facilities were kept including a Thai boxing ring that is unique among the city’s health clubs. Sunny Gym’s other facilities include dance and aerobics classrooms, exercise areas, spas, shower facilities and a meeting room, allowing members to combine leisure and exercise. Sunny Gym will formally open its doors in July. The first 100 people to sign up for membership receive a special price of NT$9,999 for one year. Regular-price one-year memberships are NT$22,000.

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