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Abura Yakiniku

This restaurant’s Japanese-style wooden building, fronted by a flower garden, is hidden along an alleyway next to the Art Museum Parkway that gives off a retro Japanese flavor. This sensation continues when you enter, take off your shoes and walk on the clean wooden floor in your bare feet.
Besides bar-style seating, there are relaxing private rooms on the second floor, while the first floor has seating at tables, each with a recessed charcoal burner in its center. This nostalgic Japanese ambiance completes a friendly dining experience that includes helpful staff assisting customers with grilling ingredients.
The Wagyu Beef Set Meal for two people (NT$3,980) and Pork Set Meal (NT$3,280) both come with side dishes, including sesame sauce flavored salad, broiled beef tongue and radishes, pickled vegetables, octopus and wasabi-infused cucumber, soy bean sprouts, pomelo-flavored radishes, scallops, handmade specialty butter and chili sauce, and seaweed salt, which pairs perfectly with grilled meat and a bowl of rice.
A top recommendation, fresh squid, is slightly grilled, soft and succulent. Meat patties prepared with juicy minced Wagyu beef are buttery and a rare treat. The well-marbled Japanese Wagyu beef is imported from Kagoshima, Saga, Kumamoto and Miyazaki, and you have the opportunity to sample different Wagyu cuts and parts (sirloin, tripe, ribeye) for texture variety. Iberico pork and Taiwan’s Gui Ding Chicken are also available.
The restaurant offers Suntory’s Premium Malt (NT$180), featuring an ideal 7:3 beer-to-foam ratio reputed to boost smoothness and a hint of green apple flavors. This cooling beverage–heralded by Suntory’s beer-tasting expert–is a great companion with the grilled foods served here.

西區五權六街61巷1號 0909-176-606
1, Lane 61, WuQuan 6th St, West Dist
週一至四/Mon-Thu 5:30 pm-12 am
週五、六、日/Fri-Sun 5:30 pm-1 am

Don’t drink and drive

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