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AileRoy Kitchen

AileRoy Kitchen offers a menu of expertly-prepared, mouthwatering western and Asian fusion cuisine. Executive Chef Roy prepares signature Western-style pasta, risotto, roasted-meat and other dishes with Taiwanese flavors and ingredients. A standout selection is Cherry Valley Duckbreast Sweet Trio (NT$520), featuring roasted duck breast on a bed of potato puree and mushrooms garnished with popcorn. Three different sauces–orange, honey pepper, and garlic and green onion–outline the plate and are designed to be combined for a unique, delicious sweetness well suited to the duck’s gaminess. Brunch fans will certainly enjoy the Salmon and Egg Fried Rice Noodles (NT$180) a Taiwanese version of a deconstructed eggs benedict using a poached egg, salmon, and orange-juice-sweetened hollandaise sauce. The Invincible Tang Yang Chicken (NT$160) is a flavorful beer-battered chicken with deep, intense flavors and juicy chicken. A bottle of Monologue Wit Beer (NT$150) pairs excellently with the spices. The sleek, modern decor here is also hip, yet welcoming and relaxed.

清水區五權路183號 (04) 2627-1125
183, WuQuan Rd, QingShui Dist
11 am-2:30 pm, 5-9 pm

Don’t drink and drive

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