ATC (“alcohol, tea, coffee”) has an elegant modern bistro-style ambiance that includes a bar, sofa area, tea and art area, dining space, and reading area for those wanting more privacy. The interior also mixes a lot of greenery into its stylish, classic and zen-like atmosphere. Teas include Alishan Oolong Tea, Taipei Muzha District Tieguanyin, and Sanxia District Biluo Spring Tea. Besides pots of hot tea, there are many other tea-based drinks (NT$100-220) like Cottage Cheese Over Tea and Bubble Tea. ATC’s home-brewed Green Tea Flavor Craft Beer (NT$250) is smooth and perfect with snacks. Many tea-time snacks here include traditional Taiwanese delicacies like Dried Tofu, Blood Cake, and Fried Chicken with Fermented Tofu Sauce. More exotic items (NT$70-230) include Truffle French Fries, Shrimp Cakes, Deep-Fried Oysters, as well as burgers, thick toast, dry noodles, and pho noodles (NT$85-275). The recommended Shanghai Style Spicy Noodles (NT$120) is served with aromatic Sichuan chilis. Customers place their order, pick up their food and utensils, and return empty bowls afterwards.

533, DaDun Rd, Nantun Dist
(04) 2328-1218

Don’t drink and drive

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