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Auqa Aouatic

This eatery is a great spot to enjoy fresh-made hot pot, grilled and creative Japanese dishes, as the owner imports seasonal seafood from all over. Blue crabs, mangrove crabs, dungeness crabs and brown crabs, lobsters, abalone, oysters and other items can be enjoyed as sashimi, steamed, grilled, or in a hot pot or porridge by request. Winter promotions include Shrimp and Crab Seafood Hot Pot for two people (NT$1,380), Pork and Beef Hot Pot (NT$1,580), Dragon King Seafood Hot Pot (NT$1,880) and the Shrimp King Set Meal for four (NT$4,980), including an appetizer, sashimi, two live lobsters, two tiger prawns and a huge seafood plate piled with all sorts of shrimp, squid and clams.
Among non-seafood options are the Japanese Wagyu Meat Plate (NT$1,480), US Prime beef and Iberico pork. The chef also recommends a 10-course Japanese Set Meal for one person (NT$1,280; 2-person meal NT$1,980/2,980). A la carte options include grilled seafood, sashimi, seafood donburi, Bonito Sushi (NT$80, NT$120 with extra crab butter), Charcoal Grilled Alibangbang Roe Sushi Roll (NT$180) and many other reasonably-priced seafood porridge options, crab/shrimp sushi rolls, and salads.

水森水產 Auqa Aouatic
南屯區大墩十一街165號 (04) 2320-0109
165, DaDun 11th St, Nantun Dist
11 am-2 pm, 5-9:30 pm

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