Brand-New Taichung Central Park Visitor Center

Taichung Central Park was once the site of Shuinan Airport but, after this site’s transformation into a park, is not only a venue for Taichung City Government picnic events and new year’s eve countdowns but also a favorite destination among residents for leisure activities, gatherings and exercise. Its recently-unveiled aviation-themed visitor center is the first of its kind, designed around an airport and terminal building concept that links the previous airport’s history to the present and gives the public a refreshing experience.

737 arrives at Central Park: An aviation link between Shuinan Airport’s past to Taichung’s future 

The Taichung Central Park Visitor Center imitates the design of an airport terminal, including a main lobby, broadcasting announcement, departure check-in counter, kiosk machines and rest area. There is also a boarding gate that takes you into the life-sized cabin of a Boeing 737 passenger plane.  Featuring a three-dimensional semi-open-air on mural, the surrounding area allows visitors to walk out of the cabin and see/touch the outside of the aircraft, which appears to be on a runway awaiting take-off.  It’s a bit like enjoying a leisurely vacation atmosphere without actually traveling overseas.

Taichung City Government Construction Bureau Director-General Chen Da-tian said that unlike other ordinary visitor centers, Taichung Central Park’s center not only provided touring and information services but also featured a comfortable, high-quality rest area. Thanks to the use of various novel smart technologies, visitors can enjoy a unique sensory experience with electronic interactive screens and entertaining environmental effects via immersive high-tech surround projection technology that takes visitors on trips to famous world scenic destinations from Taichung. High-tech, electronically controlled glass screens also allow you to explore Greater Taichung’s beautiful scenery. The two-story interior is designed to feature various events, including a well-received fighter plane flight simulation and airplane model aircraft exhibition. In addition, the visitor center also showcases many valuable cultural and historic facets of Shuinan Airport. In the future, a series of special exhibitions and activities highlighting aviation, the airport’s history and local culture will be consecutively launched, taking the public on a journey into Shuinan Airport’s past and Taichung’s future.

In addition to this visitor center, Taichung Central Park’s natural scenery is well worth seeing, with a waterway running through the park and diverse landscape designs that complement each other, the park’s topographic facets and variety of native plants. Plant colors constantly change with the seasons and birds and other animals can be seen everywhere in the diverse ecology. The park is also equipped with unique “12 senses” facilities, allowing the public to wander among forests and grasslands for some interesting interactions. Park facilities are constantly being upgraded, making this a friendly, inclusive space for all ages and a great place for family outings like picnics. In spring and summer, it is nice to walk here and enjoy the leisurely, relaxing atmosphere generated by blooming flowers, trees and canal banks. At night, when the splendid city lights and the shiny stars create a romantic ambiance, you can also visit the nearby National Taichung Theater and Feng Chia Night Market, making this venue even more fun for family-oriented leisurely and active enjoyment.

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