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Bubu Art Café (Taichung Shenji Store)

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橘子布藝術 Original Colors Art 
江希宜 Chiang Shi Yi 
王呈豪 Wang Cheng Hao 
王怡雯 Wang Yi Wen 

This cafe is rooted in art education brand Original Colors Art, founded by Chiang Shi Yi, who has been teaching kids for 35 years about the value of artistic self-expression and enjoyment. Combining the artistic and culinary backgrounds of its members, Chiang’s family started Bubu Art Café in Nantou County’s Caotun and just  opened this colorful new Taichung branch near Shenji New Village.

Managed by Chiang’s son and daughter, Wang Cheng Hao and Wang Yi Wen, the cafe’s desserts, light dining and drinks include the favorite signature Artist Toast, decorated with colorful non-artificial toppings like blueberry and chocolate to resemble famous paintings like “Starry Night”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, “Van Gogh’s Left Ear” (NT$150), and “Frida Kahlo” (NT$180). Customers can also create their own DIY Artist Toast (NT$450).

The cafe provides various materials for visitors to create their own art, including free postcards for coloring for those spending at least NT$250. A wide variety of  art-themed merchandise is sold, too, including paintings, posters, keychains, bags, hats, socks and other items with famous paintings on them. A second-floor art exhibition/event area also hosts seasonal events.

(04) 2301-1008


14, Alley 66, Lane 79, XiangShang Rd, Sec 1, West Dist

10 am-6 pm (週二休/closed Tue)

Accepts cash and LINE Pay. 

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