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Lush and Accessible: The advantages of the 8th Redevelopment Area

Lush and Accessible: The advantages of the 8th Redevelopment Area

Lush and Accessible: The advantages of the 8th Redevelopment Area

A visit to the Aesthetics House of "Live Forever Construction Co. Ltd."

By Joe Richard Tsou Translated by Ann Lee

When looking for "high-end" living in Taichung City, what people are really considering is their potential property's location, safety, neighborhood, view and privacy. If you're looking to find a high-end place yourself, then make sure the browse around the up-and-coming 8th Redevelopment Zone. Filled with lots of greenery, low-density development and classy surroundings, this area compliments its neighboring 7th Redevelopment Zone very well.

Just about 12% of the land in the 8th Redevelopment Zone is park/green area, the highest in the city. Parks here include the FengLe Sculpture Park and FengFu Park. FengFu Park is a convenient stop en route to the High Speed Rail Station and has a total land area of 20,000 pings. Situated on a 3,000-ping site, Feng Le Sculpture Park is home to an artificial lake, dozens of interesting statues and an elevated panoramic view. This area is also convenient to reach from other parts of the city and outlying areas. It is close to the HSR station and 10 minutes from the Nantun Interchange and Zhong Shan Expressway. In the future, there will also be an MRT hub in the WenXin South Road area.

n Leisure Park is another ideal residential area in the Nantun district, especially for families with young school children. Nearby educational establishments include Yong-Chun Elementary School and Wan-He Junior High School and, in the near future, another elementary school will be built on the south side of FengLe Sculpture Park. Costco, Taichung's go-to bulk goods store, is conveniently located on the corner of WenXin South 5th Road, DaDun South 5th Road, and DaDun South Road, making it another nearby destination.

If you are looking at buying property in this particular area, then Live Forever Construction Co. Ltd has a project called "Aesthetics House", that you might want to look into. This project aims to provide a safe, high-quality living environment that fulfills housing needs while emphasizing aesthetics. Within the community, you will see a Chinese-style garden and a promenade with a bridge. If you are keen on finding a home that offers relaxing, low-key luxury, then visit their building and see for yourself.