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What to look for in a good home rental company

What to look for in a good home rental company

What to look for in a good home rental company

By Andy Lai, Ting Chuang Rehouse Translated by Ann Lee

When choosing a respectable rental company, potential renters should ask themselves the following four questions: 1) Can the rental company help me find a place that is in good-to-reasonable condition? 2) Does using the rental service actual save me time in the long run? 3) Does the rental company provide efficient, punctual service and clear communication? 4) Is the rental service within my budget?

A professional home rental company should offer a resounding "Yes!" to all of these questions. They should have brand-new or recently-renovated houses available for those who are looking to move into a home that looks as good as new. Their homes should come with new or like-new appliances, attractive interior design, and a good amount of storage space. Places filled with lots of cabinets and drawers are ancient history--people aren't looking for clutter, they're looking for simplicity, modern lines and cleanliness.

A professional house rental company should also provide renters a clear, concise contract that will protect their interests and explicitly express renter rights and expectations. To avoid misunderstandings, they should also be able to offer contract translations for foreign residents in Taiwan. Apart from providing a well-prepared contract, the rental company should also act as an intermediary between the renter and the landlord for all problems and issues between the two parties. This information is especially poignant for foreigners, who may need a little extra language or cultural help when it comes to working with the landlord.

With the market as it is right now, most people who are looking to move are also looking to rent. Renting properties, though it accrues no value for the renter, is a great way to get some experience in different places, to find out what they like in a home, and--maybe even more importantly--find out what they don't like. With that said, it is important to find a reliable partner in a rental company. The difference between a usual real estate agent and a professional company is that the latter will help you locate lesser-seen or unique property opportunities in your desired area while keeping your budget in mind. As for the speed of their service, a good company will be able to fix all damage in your future property within three business days. If you ever have to come across situations where serious repairs are needed, then an experienced rental company should be able to handle that in an expedient, professional manner.

Constant quality and reliable service is what professional house rental companies strive for. As you look for a great rental service, make sure to ask questions and get answers. Remember, they should be there to help you ensure a long, problem-free relationship with your landlord and property--not extort money from you.