Why did The International Real Estate Federation select Taichung for its next forum?
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Why did The International Real Estate Federation select Taichung for its next forum?
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Why did The International Real Estate Federation select Taichung for its next forum?
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Why did The International Real Estate Federation select Taichung for its next forum?
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Why did The International Real Estate Federation select Taichung for its next forum?

Article provided by Sunny FM
Translated by Angel Pu
Photos provided by Taichung Real Estate Development Association

The distance between Taichung City and the rest of the world is growing smaller and smaller.

Over the past decade, almost everything in Taichung has become more "world-class", from technology and culture to architecture, as the outside world has also become increasingly familiar with this city. These were factors in the FIABCI's (International Real Estate Federation) decision hold its 64th annual meeting in Taichung. From May 24 to 30, 2013, guests from all over the globe will arrive in Taichung for this event, further reducing the distance between our city and the world.

This column aims to introduce recent Taichung developments from a professional perspective and promote its beauty and improvements.

FIABCI was founded in 1948 and its members hail from 65 countries and over 120 real estate organizations. The federation represents over 1.5 million real estate professionals and 3,300 real estate companies from every corner of the world. Its annual meeting rotates between member countries in order to encourage communication between industry professionals from different nations.

The 64th annual meeting will take place in Taichung--a very rare honor, as the federation seldom holds such meetings in non-capital cities. So what does Taichung have that led the FIABCI to select it as the site for one of its biggest international conferences?

FIABCI Taiwan Chapter Director-General Huang Nan-yuan notes that Taichung is a metropolis filled with a cultural atmosphere that earned Taichung the top "City of Culture and Art" award at The World Leadership Forum in 2007. Moreover, from design and construction quality to detailing, Taichung City's architectural industry is very competitive, even though its real estate prices are only a quarter to a third of Taipei City's. Huang says that he's very proud of Taichung's architects and people for selflessly creating a beautiful city, and believes that choosing the city for the FIABCI's 64th annual meeting was a very good decision.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, Taichung Real Estate Development Association President Chang Li-li is working hard to provide assistance to the Taichung City Government. Chang notes that because Taichung City previously hosted The FIABCI Asia Pacific Real Estate Congress 6th annual meeting in 2003 and won the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards with construction projects including Fulfillment Amphitheater and the new Taichung City Hall in 2011 and 2012, the international architecture scene is quite familiar with the city, adding that Taichung had competed with other cities like Vancover for the honor of hosting the annual gathering.

With the support of FIABCI and Taichung Mayor Jason Hu, Taichung City is now prepared to hold this great international event. In the last decade, Taichung has spared no effort to improve in areas such as environmental protection, the economy, culture, transportation and public security. The average rate for resident participation in cultural events has also increased from four times to 35 times per year. The growth of Taichung's real estate market is also obvious, with its land value rising from US$63.18 billion to US$100 billion, Land Value Increment Tax growing by 1.76 times, and the average home ownership increasing 85 percent over the last 10 years.

FIABCI President Judy Shenefield visited Taichung in person to sign a contract with Taichung City for the 2013 annual meeting, which will be held at The Splendor Hotel Taichung between May 24 and 30, 2013, and be attended by an estimated 500-plus participants from different chapters around the world. According to Mayor Hu, hosting this meeting means a lot to Taichung and he is very confident that Taichung will successfully achieve this mission and show the world what it is capable of.