Lily Chang: 'Taichung is ready!'
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Lily Chang: 'Taichung is ready!'

Taichung Up Close: The International Real Estate Federation in Taichung special feature

Lily Chang: 'Taichung is ready!'

Article provided by Sunny FM
Translated by Angel Pu
Photos provided by Taichung Real Estate Development Association

The distance between Taichung City and the rest of the world grows smaller and smaller!

Over the past decade, almost everything in Taichung has become increasingly "world-class", from technology and culture to architecture, as the outside world has also become increasingly familiar with this city. These were factors in a decision by the FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) to hold its 64th annual meeting in Taichung. From May 24 to 30, 2013, guests from all over the globe will be in Taichung for this event, further reducing the distance between our city and the world.

This column aims to introduce recent Taichung developments from a professional perspective and promote its beauty and improvements.

In less than a month, the FIABCI 64th annual meeting will take place in Taichung at several locations such as The Splendor Hotel Taichung. Although it is not a capital city, Taichung will have the honor of hosting this global real estate event for the first time. To showcase Taichung's attractiveness as an international city, its academic, industrial and commercial sectors are pulling out all the stops to support the meeting, as the city welcomes nearly a thousand visitors from around the world.

According to Taichung Real Estate Association Chairwoman Lily Chang, Taichung is certainly one of the more active cities when it comes to hosting international events. "We may not have as many historic sites and iconic structures as Taiwan's other cities, but we have convenient transportation, comprehensive public resources and great enthusiasm," said Chang, noting that organizers had planned an abundance of interesting, fun events to help ensure that every participant would have a great impression of Taichung. For the main events between May 27 and 29, over 50 local and international guests speakers, plus emcees and simultaneous interpreters for English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Chinese have been arranged. Besides the main events, city tours sponsored by the Taichung Real Estate Association and Taichung City Construction Association have also been organized to further booth participants' enjoyment during their stay.

Lily Chang added that the Real Estate Development Association had also prepared "Sleepless Taichung" events for the evenings of May 24, 25 and 28 in cooperation with several of Taichung's most famous construction companies. During these evenings, international guests can attend parties and enjoy live music, great wines, local cuisine and seasonal fruit at reception centers located in new Taichung buildings, making this is an easy and delightful way to introduce local real estate to foreign visitors.

It's rare for Taichung City to host a real estate event like this, so organizers are doing their utmost to check every detail, from information for participants to gift-wrapping, in order to help guarantee a successful event. The information bags participants will receive are specially designed, featuring a Taiwan-shaped wooden carved brooch that links to a Chinese knot decoration on the bag. In the bag, there's also a CD of Taiwanese traditional music prepared by Wu Chun-shan, the chairman of Best-Giving Construction Co. Lily Chang is confident that no participant will throw away the bag after the meeting. The conference materials have also been made into an app, allowing any participant to download it and read information about the conference before arriving in Taiwan.

In order to help each foreign guest remember the beauty of Taichung, organizers hired the Taichung Bakery Association to design a special gift box containing eight kinds of cakes and desserts, and wrapped with a velvet cloth that features a bird's eye image of Taichung. This item can also be used as a pocket square and Chairwoman Chang believes that it will remind the participants of Taichung residents' friendliness.

One other special highlight of the meeting's first day will be the presence of Japanese Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Toyo Ito, also a close friend of Taichung, at the opening ceremony. After this, he is heading to the United States for an award ceremony, meaning that organizers are truly fortunate and honored to have him. When asked whether Taichung was ready for the event, Chang said she could not guarantee that everything would be perfect, but she hoped that everyone would be pleased and that meeting would have a satisfying result.