The International Real Estate Federation Makes a Grand Appearance in Taichung

The International Real Estate Federation Makes a Grand Appearance in Taichung

The International Real Estate Federation Makes a Grand Appearance in Taichung

The International Real Estate Federation Makes a Grand Appearance in Taichung

The International Real Estate Federation Makes a Grand Appearance in Taichung

Article provided by Sunny FM
Translated by Erica Lin
Photos provided by Taichung Real Estate Development Association

The FIABCI 64th World Congress took place between May 24 to 30 at The Splendor Hotel. After a half-year of preparation, Taichung enjoyed this unique opportunity to market itself, showcasing the city's world-class conference-hosting abilities, architectural development expertise and enthusiastic hospitality to visitors from all around the world over a single week's time.

In order to prepare for this year's FIABCI World Congress, Taichung mobilized its businesses, industries, government organizations and groups in an all-out joint planning and preparation effort. The first four days of the week-long agenda were used for meetings of the Federation committee executive council. The highlighted main discussion forum was held May 27 to 29. During the entire conference, organizers not only planned out meetings and provided services, but also arranged a series of exhibitions, field trips and tours, and banquet activities to highlight Taichung's strengths.

The Taichung Judicious Creative Architecture Association (TJCAA) also arranged two learning and touring courses on the morning of the 26th and the afternoon of the 28th that participating members were welcomed to sign up for. The first-day tour featured three public architectural works that have won FIABCI's Prix d'Excellence award--Taichung City Government's New City Hall; Park Lane by CMP mall; and the Fulfillment Amphitheater. The second-day tour featured three privately-constructed structures--Honesty Gendii by Dragon Treasure Corp.; The Park by Pao-Hui Construction Co.; and Cathay Museum Parkway.

TJCAA Supervisor Hsu Rui-sheng pointed out that these architectural works were the city's most representative buildings, as they had either won awards or had the potential to win. For instance, Park Lane by CMP featured the planet's biggest vertical "green wall" architecture when it was completed three years ago, impressing the entire world with the vertical-planting skills on display and imitated by many countries soon after. Now almost three years old, the New City Hall building is the work of Swiss architecture firm Weber+Hofer AG Architects and features a fresh, original appearance, spacious outdoor plaza, the "suspended structure" assembly hall (the suspended structure allows the 550-seat assembly hall to look as if it's floating), and an energy-saving design--all state-of-art aspects that make it hard to believe that this design actually dates back to over 20 years ago.

While conducting the main events, the organizers set up a large-scale, outdoor exhibition hall with 13 booths. These booths included the FIABCI Federation Secretariat; an event booth for next year's host city, Luxembourg; three booths from a collaboration by the Taichung City Urban Development Bureau and the Economic Development Bureau; Taichung's three big Architects Associations; the 2014 Real Estate Agent World Congress in Taipei; the Taiwan International Building Management International Sustainability Development Association; South China Sea Enterprise Co. Ltd.; and other organizations.

Taichung City of Real Estate Alliance Chief Coordinator Huang Chao-min said that organizing affiliated events when hosting the world congress was the best platform for marketing Taichung's international potential. This was fully achieved by introducing guests to Taichung's architectural beauty, innovative and sustainable management concepts, and blueprints for future city development.

The Welcome Party, Prix d'Excellence Awards Ceremony, and Farewell Cultural Dinner all served as opportunities to promote Taichung. Most of the 600 to 800 participants were visiting Taiwan for the first, and possibly only, time of their lives. To help these foreign visitors quickly become acquainted with Taiwan, understand the city and leave with deep, the organizational team held activities to create the right atmosphere to impart these abstract ideas.

Chinese National Association of Interior Design General Director Chen Guo-hui pointed out that it was difficult to find a single restaurant that represented all of Taiwan. After thorough discussions and negotiations, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts made a special exception and agreed to serve as a venue for the Welcome Party, displaying the flags of the 64 participating countries on the Sculpture Plaza in hopes of offering a heart-warming welcome to guests as soon as they stepped off their buses. They were then led into the Art Museum's banquet hall on an Oscar-like red carpet, with opening drum rolls and a ensemble of Eastern and Western instruments providing background music while guests enjoyed finger foods and admired art.

The Prix d'Excellence Awards Ceremony is the other main event at the FIABCI World Congress besides its forums. The event organization team arranged surrounding monitors on both sides of the stage and--similar to the Oscar Awards Ceremony--as soon as winners were announced, special footage of the winning works was shown on the screens. The Farewell Cultural Dinner Party showcased Taiwan's local cultural features, in the hope of helping all foreign visitors to remember Taichung. The organizers arranged for Musou Band and Wulin Band to perform traditional music, blended with LED-technology effects. The event ended perfectly with aboriginal children performing an eight-part polyphony (Pasibutbut).

As organizers noted before the event, "After over 20 years, Taichung is hosting the FIABCI World Congress for the second time and we hope our guests will feel at home, as if we were hosting the Olympics. No matter how exciting the meetings, programs or activities are, people are still the most important factor, and we hope that all Taichung city residents welcome this distinguished meeting with passion and an open heart."