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Aiming for the world: Taichung becomes an international city

Aiming for the world: Taichung becomes an international city

Aiming for the world: Taichung becomes an international city

Aiming for the world: Taichung becomes an international city

Article provided by Sunny FM
Translated by Angel Pu
Photos provided by Taichung Real Estate Development Association

With its central Taiwan location, Taichung can boast of great geographical attributes, an international airport and harbor, and a comprehensive transportation system that includes the High Speed Rail and bus network. Taichung also possesses the internationally-known Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park, which attracts machinery-industry professionals from many countries, helping to spread the city's "soft power" across the globe.

To boost the city even further, the Taichung City Government is continuing to develop local infrastructure, social welfare, education, local specialities, cultural and creative industries, and transportation, with their on-going efforts transforming Taichung into the island's "best city to live in/move to".

In recent years, the city government has demonstrated even greater international ambitions. "This year, Taichung has yet again been ranked among the 'Top 7 Intelligent Community' by ICF [Intelligent Community Forum], and the forum has also decided to make Taichung the location for announcing its 'Top 7' communities from its U.S. headquarters next January," said Tsao Mei-liang, of the Taichung City Government Secretariat. It's very obvious that Taichung's efforts to develop an "intelligent culture" are turning out very well.

When it comes to the city's culture, Taichung has held countless international art and cultural events and major outdoor performances. And don't forget that Luciano Pavarotti held his very last outdoor performance here in the city, which meant a lot to Taichung and the international music scene. In addition, the 51st Golden Horse Awards--one of Asia's most important film awards--will possibly be held at the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House, designed by Japanese master architect Toyo Ito, next year. This international-grade opera house is projected for completion at the end of next year, when the city aims to showcase what is being heralded as the "world's ninth new architectural landmark".

The 64th annual congress for the FIABCI was recently successfully held in Taichung and attracted about 500 international real estate professionals. According to Tsao, "Taichung already attracted a lot of attention when we announced we were hosting the annual meeting." Besides already being a city of arts and culture, the reason Taichung was able to represent Taiwan and was favored by the FIABCI was its outstanding performances in the real estate and construction industries. Simply put, the city's newest buildings are all outstanding in quality and appearance.

Support from the city government for the local construction industry was demonstrated when it managed to attract internationally-famous architects to Taichung by inviting design bids on various projects. The Asia University Art Museum, designed by architect Tadao Ando, is among the prime examples of this. Such successes have allowed local talents to communicate with and learn from international professionals, thereby helping to create even more high-quality building designs for Taichung.

To successfully host the annual FIABCI event, the main organizers--Taichung Real Estate Development Association and various city government departments--went all-out to ensure that international guests enjoyed the hosts' professionalism and care, according to real estate development association chairwoman Lily Chang. In the end, this event will serve as an outstanding promotion for both Taichung and Taiwan if the participants returned home to tell family and friends about this wonderful experience.

Tsao also notes that, after repeatedly and successfully holding international major events, Taichung City Government has gained precious experiences and the enhanced ability to host even higher-profile events in the future, helping to further promote the city and boost its global visiblity. This ideal situation means that Taichung is rapidly becoming an international metropolis that boasts both soft and hard power!