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Owners Bonnie and Katherine offer four attractively presented dishes here–two Hakka-style and two western-style–as brunch/lunch options. These can be enjoyed in the charming two-floor premises, pleasantly decorated with sketches and hanging lamps, and a little outdoor garden. Yorkshire Pudding Party (NT$309) is made with milk, eggs, flour and seasonings and served with select stewed beef, gravy and a refreshing salad made with seasonally-varying fruit and vegetables. Another western selection, Cottage Pie (NT$279), is made with chicken, vegetables, tomato sauce, cheese, mashed potatoes and bread. Taiwanese dishes include vegetarian options such as Radish Cakes (NT$150). Made with a Hakka recipe from Katherine’s grandmother, a soft, steamed rice cake (NT$110) is topped with leeks, a marinated half-egg and soy sauce, and served with three seasonal side dishes. Meals include a menu drink (NT$70 or discounted by NT$70). –By Madeleyne Aguilar Andrade Translated by Anna Yang

44, Lane 88, WuQuan W 5th St,
West Dist (04) 2375-6780
9 am-5 pm (每週休一天,
詳情請上臉書官網 / 1 day off per
week announced on Facebook page:
秋福飲食店 ChoiceFood)

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