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Chuan Je Japanese Ramen Restaurant

When Edward Ho and his wife opened this little 13-seat restaurant, they offered just four kinds of ramen. However, in the eight years since then, they have earned many loyal customers and expanded their menu to nine main ramen options (NT$150-320) that highlight Mr. Ho’s special variations on this Japanese favorite. These include both milder/lighter and stronger more traditional Japanese ramen broths. The former category includes best-selling signature dish, Chuan Je Pork Bone Ramen, served with braised pork, cabbage, black ear fungus, a soft-boiled egg and shallots, while the latter includes Thick Salty Pork Bone Ramen. Only served on Fridays, the extra meaty “Meat Boy” Soft Pork Rib Ramen usually sells out within an hour. Diners can select thin or thick noodles, degree of noodle firmness/softness and, in the case of spicier ramen options, the degree of spiciness. There are also two soup-less noodle dishes like Japanese Chashu Fried Noodles, extra ramen add-in ingredients, Asahi beer, sake, umeshu plum liqueur and soft drinks.

107, MeiChuan E Rd, Sec 4, Beitun Dist
(04) 2247-5581
Hours: Thu-Fri 5:30-8:30 pm, Sat-Sun 11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-8:30 pm (closed Mon-Wed)
No service charge. Cash only.

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