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Coepi Cafe & Restaurant

This spacious, well-illuminated shop, located on Taichung Museum of Fiber Arts’ second floor, features a broad expanse of artificial grass and wall-mounted ferns. The young owner aims to present guests with dishes created from vegetables he cultivates indoors with his agricultural techniques. This shop also serves coffee made from washed, honey-processed single-origin beans grown on an estate farm, priced at NT$100/cup. An epicurean, probiotic favorite, Civet Coffee (NT$300)–made Indonesian coffee beans consumed by civets, later picked out of their droppings and processed for safe consumption–has an earthy, smooth slightly-citrusy flavor. The gradient-colored, transparent to brown Sparkling Coffee, prepared with American-brand sparkling water, is mildly sweet and not bitter. If you’re hungry, a wide variety of set meals (NT$230), including Satay Chicken, Kungpao Chicken, and Braised Beef over Rice, are served with side dishes and black or green tea.

大里區勝利二路1號 (04) 2483-7670
1, ShengLi 2nd Rd, Dali Dist
10 am-10 pm

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