Embracing nature with picnics and camping

Warm spring days are ideal for venturing outside and enjoying a colorful world filled with greenery and blooming flowers. This is also the perfect opportunity to organize a leisurely picnic or go camping with friends to enjoy some special times in nature.

Encounter urban greenery, enjoy limitless fun in coastal, mountain areas
Mayor Lu Shiow-yen pays great attention to urban aesthetics and is promoting the “Taichung Melody” project. In addition to building inclusive parks with unique characteristics, the city is also home to many large parks in downtown, mountain, coastal and “Tun” districts suitable for family picnics and outings in green, forested and waterside areas.

Mountain: Flora-filled river banks at Fengyuan’s Huludun Park
This park-Fengyuan District’s largest-is situated along the banks of Ruanbizi Creek and offers a pleasant venue with unique characteristics.

Coastal: Mountains and sea at Aofeng Park
In addition to its vast grass areas, this park also has an observation deck providing a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful coastline, a X-Game Playground popular with children, Explore Playground, and barbecue area, making it suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.

‘Tun’ districts: Splendid living in Pinglin Forest Park
This park’s public facilities include walking trails around its manmade lake, hydrophilic wooden boardwalks, and children’s play areas. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of natural scenery, including a forest of native flora such as scarlet cherry, cypress, golden shower and yellow bellwood trees. As the seasons change, beauty and abundant natural scenery surround picnickers at this forest park.

Downtown: Taichung Central Park’s urban oasis
Located in the Shuinan Trade and Economic Park where transportation networks extend in all directions, this park’s landscape design uses greenery to present different themes, such as the blooming cherry blossoms in early spring. The park is also equipped with unique “12 senses” interactive facilities that are widely welcomed and enjoyed by local residents.

Living in the woods: Camping in the wild vs. luxury ‘glamping’
To enjoy the fun of camping, there are many different options. Besides traditional camping in the wild that can offer physical challenges and opportunities to get close to nature, there are also now many luxurious “glamping” options that come with all camping gear, private bathrooms and customized meals. There are many Taichung camping resorts that are worth visiting and easily enjoyable for both novice and experienced campers.

ZhongZheng Camping
Located west of Dakengtoukeshan (大坑頭嵙山) mountain, this is the largest public campground in the Dakeng Scenic Area. The camping areas are connected by stone steps and are independent and isolated, allowing campers to enjoy their privacy and personal space.

Slowly Sunset Glamping
Adjacent to the Gaomei Wetlands, this is a luxurious camping site that provides meals and eco-guide experiences. There are heating and cooling systems in all tents, which come fully equipped. There are also baby toiletries in the public restroom, making it convenient for family campers. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunsets, listen to the relaxing sounds of the sea and take in starry night skies.

Nayang Beach
Located in Da’an Beach Park Marina, this camping area provides breakfast and dinner buffet meals and an afternoon teatime. There are all kinds of equipment in each tent as well as outdoor swing chairs. The most popular exotic-feeling wooden tents allow campers a good view of the sea and other various leisure facilities include a summertime splash zone, children’s play area and large lawns. Various activities are often held and include hand-painting, holiday yoga and ecological tours. You can pack light, check in whenever you want and fall asleep to the sound of the waves.

For more information about legal camping sites in Greater Taichung, visit Taichung Tourism website or enter the “camping” keyword on the ‘Taiwan-the Heart of Asia’ website.
Taichung Tourism website
‘Taiwan-the Heart of Asia’ website for camping information

Reminders: For your own safety, please do not camp at illegal campsites or around hazardous mountainsides, valleys, riverbeds and other dangerous areas. To avoid landslides, flash floods and other dangers, pay attention to traffic conditions and fire safety and keep an eye on weather conditions in camping areas. During water or mountain activities, relevant warnings and announcements should be followed. Before leaving your campsite, be sure to extinguish open fires and do not leave any dangerous items (i.e. gas tanks) to ensure safety for all.

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