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Fang Zheng Gu: The Flavors of Military Villages

Taiwan’s old military dependents’ villages, created for arriving mainland Chinese in the ROC period after around 1949, represent a unique local subculture. Although most of these communities have now been torn down or renovated due to outdated/aging housing, nostalgic scenes from their heyday can still be seen at the Taichung Military Cultural Village Museum in Beitun District. Nostalgic flavors can also be savored at the restaurant here, offering a mix of mainland and Taiwanese flavors popular during that era. For many older mainland veterans today, such dishes are rich with memories from the past.
The premium entrees here include classic sides dishes (NT$50) like Dried Anchovies, Grilled Tofu, and a Cold Radish Dish, with other appetizing broiled plates pairing perfectly with alcohol. The must-try Military Commander Pork Belly (NT$400) isn’t too greasy and melts in the mouth.
This eatery also serves dishes prepared with creative ingredients like Alianthus Prickly Ash that offer unique fragrances. Other popular items using this ingredient include Tofu with Fermented Duck Egg; Matsusaka Pork with Cloves; and Pan-Fried Egg. Yet more menu items made with complex cookery are Taro Roll with Vegetables (NT$380); Silvery Pomfret with Rice Noodles Casserole (NT$750); and Chicken Soup with Fermented Radishes (NT$300-580), appropriate for small family gatherings or banquet tables alike.

北屯區天祥街19號 (臺中市眷村文物館) (04) 2233-9753
19, TienXiang St, Beitun Dist (Taichung Military Cultural Village Museum)
11 am-2 pm, 4:30-8:30 pm (週一休/closed Mon)

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