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FiMi Patisserie

Whether it’s a drawing of a kitten, frog or even a fish, all look adorable when used to decorate FiMi’s delicious lattes as Mica Chang, co-owner of this family business, makes unique designs for each cup.
Mica, her sister, and brother-in-law started this coffee/pastry shop over a year ago and customers love it. Their handmade cakes use local ingredients and exquisitely decorated with fruit, gummies and cotton candy and the owners add flavors and touches from their hometown of Taitung. This can be seen in “Purple Sea Monster” (NT$170), a special cake made with sweet potatoes, the Roselle Pineapple Tea (NT$130), and a specially-made Red Dragon Fruit Coffee (NT$130). Customers can also order drinks with any preferred sweetness. For dining, there are sandwiches (NT$130), baguettes (NT$160, salty waffles (NT$200) and lettuce salad (NT$130).
FiMi’s walls are decorated with butterflies, flowers, dolls, books and a world map of coffee-growing countries, and the mostly-wood interior is complemented by tree-trunk section cup holders. Details about daily cake offerings and off days are also available via the cafe Facebook page. –By Madeleyne Aguilar Andrade Translated by Anna Yang

烏日區光日路11號 / 11, GuangRi Rd, Wuri Dist / 0985-999-970
11 am-7 pm (臉書令公布休息日/off days noted on Facebook) patisserue

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