Final chance to receive Taichung City two-stroke scooter subsidies: Replace them now for bonus and environmental protection

台中市政府環境保護局 廣告

To accelerate efforts toward Taichung City’s 2050 zero carbon emission goal, alleviate the economic impact of the pandemic, and reduce the public’s financial burden when purchasing electric motor scooters this year, older phase 1 through 4 scooters are being categorized into three categories to encourage the public to purchase electric scooters via added subsidies, based on air-pollution emission standards and the failure rate of exhaust inspections. The first subsidy category is for two-stroke engine scooters, which can receive a NT$21,300 subsidy plus an additional NT$8,000. The second category is for older phase 1 to 3 scooters, which can receive a NT$21,300 subsidy plus an additional NT$5,000. The third category is for old phase 4 scooters, which can receive a NT$21,300 subsidy plus an additional NT$2,000. In addition, low-to-middle income households are eligible for an electric scooter purchase subsidy of up to NT$41,300, the highest such amount among Taiwan’s six special municipalities .

Given the fact that the number of two-stroke scooters in Taichung City has decreased to 40,000 and most have low actual usage rates, this year will be the last year that subsidies are offered for scrapping these vehicles. To encourage Taichung citizens to dispose of unused two-stroke scooters, the general-public subsidy for scrapping them will be increased to NT$5,300 while a similar subsidy for low-to-middle income households will be increased to NT$7,300.

For those who apply for subsidies this year, the purchase invoice for their new vehicle must be issued in 2023. Furthermore, the old vehicle must be scrapped, the new vehicle must be purchased, and the license plate must be obtained between Jan. 1, 2023 and Jan. 10, 2024. Finally, subsidy applications must be submitted before Jan. 10, 2024. We encourage citizens to spread the news and take advantage of these generous subsidies and receive bonuses. If you have any questions, please call the scooter subsidy consultation hotline at (04) 2220-1661 or use the official LINE account (@pzb4753f) for assistance from service personnel.

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