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Flamenco originates in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia. Its original elements of singing, dancing and guitar were later joined by clapping and stamping. Flamenco’s artistic and cultural influences can be traced back to a variety of sources thanks to Andalucia’s geography, people, history and religions, with roots branching out to Gypsy, Islamic, Jewish, Central and South American, African and even Asian cultures. For example, the elegant silk capes worn during flamenco dancing are decorated with fine Chinese-style needlework. Its popularity has also spread across the globe in the recent years, with Tokyo becoming a popular center for flamenco dancing and performances that sees visits by world-famous flamenco performers. Here in Taiwan, flamenco-related associations, classes and seminars have also spread to most parts of the nation over the past two decades.
Below are some places, groups and individuals that can provide greater exposure to flamenco culture through classes and performances for interested Taichung residents. –By Chloe Chang Translated by Anna Yang

Dancing Classes:
.洪瑋儷老師 Hung Wei-li (0912-715450)
Weili’s Flamenco World (Dance)
46, SanMin Rd, Sec 2, 3F, Central Dist
15, Lane 118, YongFu Rd., West Dist.

.柯乃馨老師 Olga Ko (0955-902078)
27, WenChang E 12th St, Beitun Dist

Mi Huo Flamenco Arts Center in Taichung
(04) 2316-6610
536, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 2, B1, West Dist

Flamenco Guitar
.Ivan Flamenco Guitar

Performance Groups (search on Facebook):
小野狂花樂舞合作社 La Gitanita
BETA 佛拉明哥藝術坊
百分之 Flamenco
米拉索佛拉明哥舞團 Casa de Flamenco

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Yard 168 This place has since moved to:(403台中市西區大忠南街86巷28號)

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