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Flaming Fish Alley

Flaming Fish Alley is yet more evidence that good things often come in small packages. Located in the older Mofan Street-Dahe Road neighborhood that is home to a growing number of creative establishments, this place has a modest entrance marked only by a small sign, blue awning and two camping chairs that provide a smoking area. Walk inside and you’ll be greeted by owners Joanne Liu and Summer Liao, who opened this laid-back bar and restaurant in late 2021. Their simple, but attractive, decor includes illuminated displays and other fun graphics with whimsical Chinese and English sayings, and a TV showing sports broadcasts. There’s more seating for 20-plus in a pleasant upstairs area, too.

Despite its low-key ambiance, Flaming Fish Alley has a formidable selection of local and imported craft beers, a specialty of Joanne, who is happy to make recommendations. These include a rotating selection of five draft beers (330ml NT$220-250, 500ml add NT$50) from 7-8 Taiwanese breweries like Ugly Half and Taihu. You’ll get a special price for trying all five options (same-size drinks) and there’s a half-price offer on your second draft beer during weekday 5-8 p.m. happy hours. In addition, about 70 canned/bottled beers (NT$200-600) from the US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Belgium and other countries are available. Several non-beer alcoholic options include glasses of Scotch, white wine, sangria and plum wine, and there are also some coffees and teas.

Those who also think this is a simple watering hole will also be surprised by the very respectable full-dining selection that Summer offers from the kitchen. The signature main course here is one of five “en papillote” Provencal-style fish dishes (NT$400-430), wrapped in paper and broiled with various ingredients, with options ranging from Sichuan spicy to Thai-style lemon fish. A wide range of other western and Asian style seafood, pork, chicken and beef dishes includes Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Sichuan style fried chicken (NT$279-299), “after drinking” entrees like dumplings and Korean-Style fried rice, various fried finger foods, and daily specials, from Red Braised Beef Noodle Soup to Japanese-style Seafood White Curry.

35, Lane 229, MinQuan Rd, West Dist
Hours: 5 pm-1 am (closed Mon)
Cash only. 5% service charge. Minimum order 1 drink/person.

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