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Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery and Gift Shop

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy reasonably-priced vegetarian dining, art exhibitions and shopping for Buddhist texts and artsy gift items, this place has it all covered. Besides its mission of promoting Buddhist culture and thought, the shop is divided into three areas (on the right as you enter via the front door)–an art gallery, gift shop and bookstore. The gallery occasionally helds art exhibitions with free admission while the spacious gift shop offers a variety of sculptures, tea sets, handmade bags, beads, incense sticks, azure stones, and oriental clothing. Deeper inside, there are shelves of books focused on topics like Buddhist philosophy, psychology, Thanatology, scriptures and history, plus New Age CDs, reading texts, and many other related items.

南屯區惠中路三段65號 (04) 2252-0375
65, HuiZhong Rd, Sec 3, Nantun Dist

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