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Fresh Hotpot(This place has since closed.)

An armed knight statue and vaulted entrance welcome customers to sample seafood, charcoal-heated hotpot here. Charcoal is used everywhere, from filtering kettle water to the Bonito Seaweed Hotpot where, the owner notes, it helps absorb the saltiness. This hotpot consolidates the seafood, meat and vegetable flavors and the added taste of charcoal adds an extra hint of freshness to the broth. A two-person Seafood and Meat Hotpot (NT$999) comes with plenty of ingredients, including crab, shrimp, squid, Argentine red shrimp, abalone, scallops, white shrimp, beef sirloin, pork belly, chicken filet, and vegetables. King Crab Seafood Hotpot (NT$580) and Argentine Red Shrimp Hotpot (NT$390) are also recommended. Extra meat, seafood and other side dishes (NT$30-180) are among a la carte orders, which include rarely-seen Charcoal Milkfish Balls, Charcoal Squid Balls, Spicy Balls, and Ginger Balls (NT$50 each). Non-hotpot dishes include pasta, Korean Barbecued Meat over Rice (NT$200-250), deep-fried snacks (NT$50-180), and specialty coffees (NT$35-300). –By Niang Chen Translated by Anna Yang

西區向上南路1段160號 (04) 2473-8873
160, XiangShang S Rd, Sec. 1, West Dist
5 pm-1:30 am

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