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Gong High

When I ask Taichung foreign friends what’s their favorite Taichung bar, this place often comes up. For drinks, there are many beer options (from NT$150), plus fragrant wines, cocktails and shots. The rich fruit and coconut flavored Coconut Sunset (NT$180) is recommended and, if you’re looking for something stronger and more heart-pounding, try Red Lips (NT$250), mixed with red wine and vodka. Another interesting drink with a beautiful ocean-blue color, Adios (NT$300) has a stronger flavor but isn’t overly sweet.
Unlike many other bars offering a basic menu of fries and other fried snacks, Gong High has generous food options, including pizza, crispy salads, deep-fried mushrooms, dumplings, and salty pork. A sampling is Spicy Wings (NT$120); Chicken Tender Salad with Thai Style Sauce (NT$180); and the delicious New Yorker Pizza (NT$250), topped with plenty of cheese and pepperoni.
Simply decorated with wooden furniture and dart machines, Gong High is more than and food-and-drinks hangout, as the owner hopes it will also serve as a friendly spot for cultural exchanges and information. The local staff speaks fluent English and likes to assist foreigners wanting to make Taichung their home and have an interesting time here.

西區向上路一段256號 (04) 2305-1997
256, XiangShang Rd, Sec 1, West Dist
週一~四/Mon-Thu 8 pm-3 am,
週五、六/Fri-Sat 8 pm-4 am, 週日/Sun 8 pm-3 am

Don’t drink and drive 未成年請勿飲酒

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