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Guo Lao Er

If you’ve been on the look-out for a unique kind of hot pot, this restaurant offers famous Pepper Pork Tripe and Stewed Chicken hot pots (NT$360-480). These are prepared with pork bones, chicken bones and various vegetables, stewed until the broth becomes creamy and rich with unbeatable flavors that are even better when enjoyed with Nanyang-style white pepper, adding a hint of spiciness that makes it heavenly for diners. This soup base is then used to cook an aromatic mix of your favorite mushrooms, vegetables and seafood, which can be dipped in a recommended special sweet-and-sour onion sauce.
Other must-trys include the healthy, refreshing Water Chestnut and Sugarcane Water (NT$180/pitcher), made with sugarcane, water chestnuts, corn and carrots, but no added sweeteners. Handmade Egg Dumplings (NT$180), filled with fluffy egg, juicy meat and fragrant soup, provide a mix of textures in the mouth and tickles the tongue. Clay Pot Rice with Preserved Sausage, Hua Diao Chicken, and Mushroom with Chicken (NT$150-250) are also available, together with excellent service.
A set menu for two people starts from NT$888 on weekdays and customers celebrating birthdays in any given month will receive surprises; call for more information. –By Niang Chen Translated by Anna Yang, Kieran Cheng

西屯區東興路3段370號 (04) 2321-0351
370, DongXing Rd, Sec 3, Xitun Dist
11:30 am-11 pm

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