Hakka Cuisine at Gourmet Cuisine Plaza

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Aug. 2002:

By Ni-Ang Chen Translated by Patricia Li

This is the largest restaurant specializing in Hakka cuisine on the island and serves all-you-can-eat meals. The restaurant held it’s grand opening in early April this year. The interior decor is finished with simple bamboo decoration in the original Hakka style. Lunch is $298 NT while dinner and weekend are $348 NT (include a 10% service charge). In a party of three, one customer receives a free meal! Where else can you find a better deal? The Hakka owner guarantees the authenticity of his Hakka dishes, and he boasts that his sisters are the main chefs in the kitchen. Some dishes that the manager recommends are the large pork intestines mixed with shredded ginger, salted chicken and the stir fried lo mien. Besides Hakka dishes, this restaurants also serves Cantonese style dim sum. Anyone in the mood for a Hakka feast? Well, this is the place to go.

279, Wen Hsing S. Rd.
Tel: (04) 2472-1000; 0800-057-666
Hours: 11 am-2 pm; 5:30- 9 pm

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