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Happy Fish and Pepper(This place has since closed.)

Elegantly decorated with a gorgeous retro-colonial design, this stylish restaurant offers authentic Sichuan-style hot pots that exude the pungent aroma of Sichuan pepper. Among two hot pot soup base choices is Chongqing Style with Preserved Vegetables and Fish, prepared with fish filets and Chongqing’s traditional mouth-numbing sour, aromatic and spicy flavors. The other option is Cantonese Style with Pepper, Pork Tripe and Chicken, rich with flavors after simmering with white pepper, chicken and pork tripe. An epicurean favorite sliced-meat and hot pot pairing is the Japanese A5 Wagyu Platter and Spanish Iberico Pork Belly. Another east-meets-west must-try, Aromatic Spicy Duck, is marinated with a specialty sauce, prepared sous-vide style, and drizzled with boiling oil until crispy.

南屯區龍富路四段583號 (04) 2382-7747
583, LongFu Rd, Sec 4, Nantun Dist
 11:30 am-4 pm, 5-10:30 pm
Minimum NT$800+10% order per person

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