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Hausinc 1035

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Hausinc Cafe, once ranked among Taiwan’s 25 best coffee shops, has expanded into a century-old Japanese-style building with its new Hausinc 1035 branch as part of the 1035 Collab team between four different brands. The number “1035” is derived from the telephone number of this building during the Japanese colonial era and represents the new vitality created by four unique brands, which customers can freely explore here while enjoying their coffees and experiencing the historical charm of the building.

Once a hospital registration area, its first floor is now a take-out area while the second floor–originally an ophthalmology clinic–is now a spacious dining area with high ceilings and natural lighting. Vintage red-brick walls and intersecting wooden ceiling trusses, as well as a wooden open bar in the middle with a verdant balcony, generates a unique ambience that perfectly blends old and new styles.

For espresso-style coffees here, two types of blends are available, Suziran (medium light roast) and Suzuki (medium dark roast), with one example being the richly flavored, smooth and comforting Coffee Latte (NT$160). All light meals come with a side salad and a choice of dressing. Pork with Sesame Oil (NT$320) includes a fresh salad with kumquat passion fruit sauce while the Quiche encases a rich sesame oil pork and egg filling in a puff pastry. Other popular menu options include Italian Salsiccia (NT$250), Caramel Pudding (NT$140) and Caramel Macchiato (NT$180).

73, ShiFu Rd, Central Dist
(04) 2223-1035
Tue-Sun 10 am-5:30 pm (closed Mon)

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Written by Eric Hsu


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