Master Courtney's Warped Taiwan Horoscopes

Okay, maybe not the most serious horoscopes available in Taiwan's astrology circles but maybe when you read some of these you might discover that they are in fact an accurate interpretation of what's in the stars for you. Master Courtney holds the title of 'Grand Master' in the Taiwan Not-So-Serious Astrology Association (TNSSAA). He plans to open a chain of 23 'Warped Astrology' bu shyi bans (cram schools) close to the summit of Jade Mountain where he will instruct people in the art of creating 'not-so-serious horoscopes'.

When asked why he chose Jade Mountain for his 23 schools, Master Courtney answered, "Jade Mountain brings us closer to the stars so that our horoscopes are more accurate. Also, the height of Jade Mountain also enables us to actually see the stars!!"

Below are links to Master Courtney's Warped Taiwan Horoscopes:

May 2000

June 2000

July 2000

August 2000