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John Chislett's

Question Man


JUNE, 2001 "How has Taichung changed since you first got here?"
MAY, 2001 "Outside of Taichung, what is your favorite place in Taiwan?"
APRIL, 2001

"What was the Best (or Worst) April Fools Joke You've Ever Experienced?"

MARCH, 2001 "What is your favorite late night eating spot, and why?"
JANUARY, 2001 "What is your New Years Resolution?"
DECEMBER, 2000 "Where did you meet your Sweetheart?"
OCTOBER, 2000 "How has your life been affected since last year's Earthquake?"
SEPTEMBER, 2000 "What has Kept You in Taiwan?"
AUGUST, 2000 "What is the Secret of Your Success?"
JULY, 2000 "We took your question man hostige...now we gonna make him talk!"
MAY, 2000 "What was the Worst Service Experience You've Ever Had in Taichung?"
FEBRUARY, 2000 "What would your ideal Valentines Day be like?"
NOVEMBER, 1999 "What was your most memorable experience of the earthquake?"
SEPTEMBER, 1999 "What has been your most interesting taxi ride in Taiwan?"
JUNE, 1999 "What would you do if China attacked Taiwan?"
MAY, 1999 "If you were mayor of Taichung, what would you do first?"
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