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IDIPC’s multi-faceted marketing promotes Top 10 Taichung Gifts

Words and photos provided by Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee of Taichung City (IDIPC) Translated by Anna Yang

Taichung is famed as Taiwan’s “Pastry Hometown”. In order to help you discover the city’s best pastry gifts, the Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee (IDIPC) of Taichung City organizes annual “Top 10 Taichung Gifts” selection voting events. This year’s voting activities began on Oct. 1 and your Taichung pastry business recommendations are welcomed!
Even as pandemic related challenges continue, the IDIPC of Taichung City invited the popular influencers mukbanger, LULU (with 7 million subscribers), Hei Yu, Yu Xi, Xie Jie-ling and Lu Tzi-hsuan together to sample Taichung’s amazingly delicious edible gifts. On Sep. 8, the “Taichung Gift Food Tasting Monopoly Game” program aired on the LULU Youtube channel and the five influencers expressed amazement at how tasty these desserts and other treats really were, adding that sampling the Top 10 Taichung Gifts was definitely an enjoyable and very filling experience.
During this time, Taichung’s IDIPC will continue to post mukbangers’ collaborative videos to introduce more fun and delicious Taichung pastries to everyone. Everyone is also being invited to spend their stimulus vouchers in the city during the “Taichung Shopping Festival” event and doing so will earn you the opportunity to win cash prizes in a lucky-draw raffle event. Come and purchase souvenirs in Taichung to share with relatives and friends, allowing these outstanding gifts to serve as the city’s best ambassadors.

For inquiries, please call 04-2382-3535 Mr. Huang.

Top 10 Taichung Gifts
Top 10 Taichung Gifts
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