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Jen chuan Wei

From our archives, Compass Magazine, Nov. 2001

By Tammy Huang
Translated by Cheryl Robbins

People come from near and far to taste Jen Chuan Wei’s noodles. Here, diners can watch skilled cooks at work. The owner makes sure quality ingredients are used in all dishes. Beef noodles, pork rib noodles and vegetable noodles are just some of the choices. Westerners tend to prefer Jen Chuan Wei’s beef noodles while Japanese tend to prefer the vegetable noodles. Jen Chuan Wei is so popular among Japanese travelers and residents that a Japanese food magazine sent its reporter to Taiwan to visit this restaurant. The owner is also very strict about maintaining cleanliness, providing an excellent atmosphere to enjoy the delicious food. Noodle dishes range in price from about NT$55 to NT$80. Pork and leek dumplings and other noodle dishes are also available.

196, Bei Ping Rd., sec. 2

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