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July Taichung Brothers Baseball Update

Brothers Elephants Season Second-Half information now available!
Tickets also available for Peng Cheng-min’s retirement party on July 24!
July 1 (Mon.): Taichung Intercontinental Stadium Family Seat tickets are available for purchase via 7-11 ibon terminals and Family Mart FamiPort machines from 12:30 p.m.!
Sept. 28-29: ‘CHIAllenge’ Peng Cheng-min’s Retirement Party tickets available for Brothers Fans Club members on July 24 (Wed.). Other updates will be announced soon.
Highlights from the first half of the Brothers Elephants season this year included the special ‘Love Girls’ and cool ‘Wave Brothers’ themed events, which each drew over 10,000 fans to Taichung’s Intercontinental Stadium. There will be even more fun events in the second half of the season!

First, there will be an all-new ‘Come out and play, homebody’ event promoted on July 13 and 14. All homebodies are invited to come out to the stadium to get some sunshine and enjoy baseball games! Other related promotions for this event will include ‘Homebody Seats’ and ‘Homebody Meals’. Stop by and cheer with the Passion Sisters cheerleaders!

Other events also include ‘Dragon Ball: Beyond the limits’ on July 20 and 21! Last year’s ‘Dragon Ball’ event featured guest characters like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Bick and Man-made No. 17, and this year we are looking for a 10th Dragon Ball partner!
Come and participate to form the ‘7th Universe’ at the stadium as we accumulate energy, defeat rival teams and earn Dragon Balls! We are also offering a limited-quantity ‘Super Dragon Ball Popcorn Box and Water Bottle’ set for the price of NT$650 when you purchase infield tickets. Fans can buy up to two of these sets per ticket, with only 5,000 sets available during this two-day event.

Ghost Month is coming
A ‘New Good Brothers’ event will take place at Taipei’s Tienmu Baseball Stadium on Aug. 10 and 11!
Were you able to capture ghosts with your superpowers during Taichung home games last year?
In the same way this year, we will be throwing thrilling surprises to everyone this year, so let’s get out and support the Brothers!

On Sept. 7-8, Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium’s Private Room No. 835 will host a ‘Karaoke King’ event!
Who knows which baseball player is going to participate in this year’s event?
Come to this private room and try your luck by singing along! This event will not include additional discounts, although 2019 Fans Club members and co-branded card holders will enjoy partial discounts. NT$100 vouchers for regular weekend home games may not be used for this event.

The last part of season’s second half will feature the Sept. 25-29 ‘CHIAllenge Peng’s Retirement’ event!
Chia-Chia continues to take on challenges, as always! Famed Brothers player ‘Chia Chia’ Peng Cheng-min has announced plans to retire at the end of this baseball season, so the Brothers will hold his retirement party during the last game of this season (Sept. 29). We welcome all baseball fans, Brothers fans and Chia-Chia supporters to cheer for Peng during his last battle at Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium!

Brothers home games at Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium:
The Brothers’ dugout area is located by first base (South Area) at this stadium as well as for other home games in different stadiums. For away games, cheerleaders are positioned at the left outfield area (does not apply to games at Chengcing Lake Baseball Stadium and Hualien Baseball Stadium).
We welcome all Brothers supporters to purchase advance tickets and pick your seats, which saves you from wasting precious time waiting in line. Join us and cheer on the Chinese Professional Baseball League! For complete ticket/event information, please check Brothers’ official website and ‘兄弟Fans Club’ Facebook page!
Buy your Brothers tickets here:

開賽時間17:05、進場時間 15:00
July 13-14: ‘Come out and play, homebody’ @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium | Game starts at 5:05 p.m. (stadium admission at 3 p.m.)
開賽時間17:05、進場時間 14:00
July 20-21: ‘Dragon Ball: Beyond the limits’ @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium | Game starts at 5:05 p.m. (stadium admission at 2 p.m.)
開賽時間17:05、進場時間 15:00
Aug. 10-11: ‘New Good Brothers’ @ Tienmu Baseball Stadium | Game starts at 5:05 p.m. (stadium admission at 3 p.m.)
開賽時間17:05、進場時間 15:00
Sept. 7-8: ‘Karaoke King’ @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium | Game starts at 5:05 p.m. (stadium admission at 3 p.m.)
9/25-9/27開賽時間18:35、進場時間 17:30
9/28-9/29開賽時間17:05、進場時間 14:00
Sept. 25-29: ‘CHIAllenge: Peng Cheng-min’s Retirement Party’ @ Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
Sept. 25-27: Game starts at 6:35 p.m. (stadium admission at 5:30 p.m.)
Sept. 28-29: Game starts at 5:05 p.m. (stadium admission at 2 p.m.)

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