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Jumbo Seafood

Mainly serving Southeast Asian cuisine, this restaurant is run by one of Singapore’s largest catering groups. Live shrimp, fish and crabs picked from the aquarium are prepared with traditional Singapore cookery, fried and steamed with natural ingredients such as sambal, curry leaves, black/white pepper and other spices that richly flavor the seafood dishes. Singapore Jumbo Award-Winning Chili Crab (prices vary–about NT$2,800 per kg) is broiled with chili peppers, Indian walnuts, turmeric powder and tomato sauce, then drenched in egg whites before serving. The tender, fresh crab in fragrant sour and spicy sauce goes well with small buns. Live Prawns Fried with Cereal (NT$528) features deep-fried prawns and cereal baked in butter sauce, so that each bite is filled with a mildly-sweet butter flavor. The caramel-flavored Mocha Pork Ribs (NT$428) is made with deep-fried marinated pork ribs drizzled with mocha coffee. Six-person table banquet meals (NT$9,000-12,000) include many of the above delicacies plus complimentary red/white wine. –By Niang Chen Translated by Anna Yang

301, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 3, 7F, Xitun Dist (Mitsukoshi
Dept. Store) (04) 2254-3777
11 am-9:30 pm

Don’t drink and drive

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