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Kouka Ramen (TuCheng store)

Wafting warm steam, this tiny Japanese ramen stand on a bustling street presents authentic Kagoshima-style ramen, featuring a soup base simmered with chicken bones and vegetables for over 10 hours. The broth is made without artificial additives and contains bean sprouts, roasted meat slices, seaweed, bamboo shoots and chewy noodles. The heart-warming result savory and flavorful and goes down quickly with silky-smooth ramen noodles. The owner prepares many exquisite side dishes (NT$20-30) such as Seasoned Seaweed; Korean-style Pickled Cabbage; Shredded Bamboo Shoots; and the popular Spicy Crunchy Peanuts prepared with Sichuan peppers. Soup base flavor options, all prepared with pure chicken stock, include salty, soy sauce, and spicy. The salty-flavor soup has a slightly peppery aroma, while the soy sauce variety is also a bit salty and strong, just like traditional Japanese ramen. If you like it spicy, try the third option, made with seasonings like garlic; miso; and truffles (prices for seasonings: NT$99-200). Among side dishes (NT$20-40) are tree fungus, bamboo shoots, and soft-boiled eggs.

大里區塗城路793號 0978-802920
793, TuCheng Rd, Dali Dist
週日~五/Sun-Fri 5-9 pm,
週六/Sat 11 am-2 pm (週六晚餐時段公休
closed Sat dinner)

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