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Mahashan(This place has since closed.)

The focus of this new restaurant–which claims to be the only of its kind in Taiwan–is Lamb Spine Hot Pot, made with large scorpion-shaped sections of spinal bone that have earned it its “Yang Xie Zi” (羊蠍子; literally meaning lamb-scorpion) Chinese name. As this attractive eatery’s logo image of cows, sheep and Muslim domes hints, the inspiration for the cuisine here is Taiwanese owner Mr. Yang’s wife, a member of northwestern China’s Hui people, who enjoy mutton and beef but don’t eat pork (not served here either). Hui lamb spine hot pot is very popular in Beijing and the couple has imported distinctively-shaped traditional pots from China for use here. Normally, the fresh-cooked savory lamb–all top-grade New Zealand meat–is first enjoyed (by hand with plastic gloves), before the waiter adds more hot broth and diners can begin cooking a variety of vegetables and other ingredients. Broth choices vary from clear, braised to spicy (NT$599). For non-mutton eaters, Sesame Oil Chicken (NT$599) is another meat option and there are a la carte orders of NZ Lamb Sliced (NT$220), US Blade Muscle (NT$220), and side dishes like Cold and Dressed Cloud Ear mushrooms (NT$80), Cold Steamed Egg Plant, and Tomatoes with Honey of Laurel (NT$80). –By Chang Yu-Hsuan Translated by Anna Yang

西區健行路1001號1F (04) 2328-2031
1001, JianXing Rd, West Dist
週一~五/Mon-Fri 5-12 am,
週六、日/Sat-Sun 11 am-12 am

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