Melb & Co.

Fresh mountain vegetables, homemade 100% preservative-free sausages, tuna, crispy bacon, quinoa, avocados, black rice, and coffee with New Zealand milk are some of the elements in a nutritious brunch at Melb & Co.
This small cafe offers a variety of flavors in large, colorful dishes decorated with edible flowers like pansies, miniature roses and dianthus. Owner Derek (Hung Lin Tsai) created a menu that is based on inspiration from the eight years he lived in Melbourne, Australia. The chef’s specialty is currently the Chicken French Toast Stack (NT$260)–soft french toast with battered fried chicken, crispy bacon and a sunny side up egg with nacho cheese sauce and chipotle dressing–but this changes constantly as new dishes are added to make sure “consumers always have something new to try”.
Since its soft opening in early November, 2017, Melb & Co has gained a reputation as a cozy place to enjoy safe and natural food. Defined as “international”, it mixes Australian cuisine with ideas from New York, Arizona and the recipes of friends from around the world.
Also available are Vegemite on toast and chai latte as well as naturally caffeine-free infused tea selections. Supplied by Aus Green, the fresh milk here from New Zealand’s North Island provides uniquely good flavors. Among fruit desserts options are Ice Cream with Wild Berries (NT$65), Banana Bread and Walnuts (NT$120), the Fruit Platter (NT$100) and German Ricotta Cheese Tart (NT$75), and beverages include low-fat smoothies (NT$70-85). For entertainment, there are 1-2 small functions per month, like birthday celebrations or book clubs meetings. –By Madeleyne Aguilar Andrade Translated by Anna Yang

遇,假日 MELB & CO.
彰化市金馬路三段766號 (04) 751-2012
766, JinMa Rd, Sec 3, Changhua City
週二~五/Tue-Fri 9 am-3:30 pm,
週末/weekends 8 am-3:30 pm

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